Guiding Star Project: Pushing contraceptives on the world’s women is a ‘superficial Band-Aid’

birth control

Flippant distribution of contraceptives is a superficial Band-Aid which masks a social pandemic of responsibility-free sex and poor education without curing the disease. What the teenagers of this world need is not free condoms or a pill that remove accountability—they need a society that does not commodify them. They need a world that does not tolerate sexual exploitation and violence, which does not ostracize the teen mother, and that does not paint the picture of the mother of many as the antagonist to a flourishing world….

It seems that distribution of contraceptives as propagated by the Global Family Planning Summit is not a wholistic approach for women….

By promoting awareness of physiology, equipping our world’s mothers, and holding each individual responsible for the consequences of their decisions perhaps we all will have a chance at a brighter future.

~ “An Open Letter to Melinda Gates,” The Guiding Star Project, July 21, 2017

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