Gosnell and America – 9 charges dropped

Disgusting, but not surprising.

Since the media blackout on Gosnell’s case, there has been an increasing amount of coverage of the ongoing trial. Because of this, the word spread quickly when Gosnell was acquitted of 9 charges: 3 of murder (babies born alive who had their necks snipped), 1 of infanticide, and 5 of the abuse of a corpse (related to the severed feet in jars).

After hearing the news, I can’t say I was surprised. I was disgusted, but not surprised. As we see this case unfold, it’s becoming clear that America has accepted abortion for so long now that it is having trouble facing the reality of this horrific case. I heard that a woman wearing a hoodie that read “Social Justice Begins in the Womb” was told to turn it inside out to hide the message because she was a spectator inside the trial. How sad that our courts cannot see this for what it is.

This case is horrifying. It is grotesque. If you think about it, Gosnell is much like many infamous murderers in our history. The only difference is that Gosnell is using the sanitized cover of abortion to hide what he did. He illegally drugged women and used untrained staff. He delivered viable babies, and severed their spinal columns with scissors.

Think about it. He murdered newborns. With scissors. And what is America doing? We’re acquitting some of his charges.

America is not showing sympathy for these children. Instead, America is pardoning Gosnell for plunging scissors into the necks of babies and literally beheading them. How can America be okay with this? None besides select pro-lifers are speaking out against this atrocity – this horrific case where babies who could have survived were mercilessly killed by having their necks snipped. Where are the memorials going up? Where are the people mourning the lives lost? Where are the tear-stricken faces begging for justice?

Where are they? There are pro-lifers who haven’t talked about this yet. Are you one of them? Join the pro-lifers talking about this. Share with your friends what happened in this case, and give the babies and women who were murdered the respect they deserve. Stand up against this atrocity, and join me in speaking out against this case. We need to bring attention to it, especially because it is not an isolated case.

The women and children of America deserve better. And our doctors and workers deserve better, too. Through our calling out this case, let us show them that they are meant for more than the abortion industry provides.


Gosnell Judge Reinstates Charge for Baby Tossed in Shoe Box, Still Breathing

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