Garth Brooks sings about unborn babies, moms, and God on Good Morning America

This morning, country legend Garth Brooks appeared on Good Morning America and sang a brand new song off of his newest album, “Man Against Machine.” The album is Brooks’ first in over a decade.

The song is simply titled “Mom.” Women in the audience were brought to tears, while smiles covered their faces. Brooks sang about God sending a child He created down to Earth, to meet his mom.

According to Rolling Stone, Garth Brooks spoke of the power of “Mom:”

“It should’ve been written 50 years ago…It’s a conversation between God and this unborn child, [who is] about ready to go down to earth. And when God describes what a mom is… whew, it kills me. It’s a beautiful song; I wish I’d written it. ‘The Dance’ is my favorite Garth Brooks song ever, but if there was ever a song that could ever rival it — just because of the context of it…”

The song speaks of mothers being both tough and tender for their children and how mothers are often the ones who put their children on the path of salvation.

The chorus particularly communicates a pro-life message, proclaiming that mothers are here to keep their children safe:

So hush now, baby, don’t you cry

Cause there’s someone down there waiting

Whose only goal in life is making sure you’re always going to be alright

A loving angel, tender, tough, and strong

It’s almost time to go and meet your mom.

Even Brooks himself couldn’t make it through without crying.



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