France is now fully funding abortions


Le Meilleur des mondes.

Last year, the French government passed legislation that would reimburse women 100% of their costs to have an abortion. It also allows underage teenage girls to get free and anonymous birth control. That law took effect this month.

Abortions in France are now effectively free, as a law that requires the nation to reimburse the full cost of the procedure took effect April 1, France 24 reports.

The French law greatly expands access to abortions and also offers free and anonymous birth control to teenagers ages 15 to 18. France’s National Assembly passed the expansive abortion bill in October, and the legislation was approved by the Senate shortly thereafter.

We already know that abortion advocates don’t have much interest in keeping abortions safe. Clearly, keeping them rare isn’t a priority, either. And not only is the French government going to fully fund abortions, but it’s also going to pay hospitals and clinics more to provide them, so they can encourage even more abortions to be performed, even more babies to be killed.

And now all taxpayers, regardless of their views on abortion, will be forced to fund it.

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