Human Rights

Fr. John Hollowell responds to Cecile Richards

Recently Planned Parenthood President Cecile Richards asked women to post videos on YouTube, to “have their say.” Fr. John Hollowell takes her up on her offer – most eloquently.

In stirring yet simple language, Fr. Hollowell calls together all pro-lifers, warning Planned Parenthood and the President of our ultimate victory, and our fight for the short-term victory. He says to them:

“You better knock us out now. You and the President better knock us out right now, because Cecile, I can promise you – Here comes the Catholic Church.”

Very aptly, he ends his poignant monologue with the words of the wizard Gandalf, engulfed in Middle-Earth’s War of the Ring: “The board is set, the pieces are now in motion, at last we come to it – the great battle of our age.”

The only word to describe this 7-minute speech is epic. Let the word reach Planned Parenthood, the President, and all who plot our demise – we have a say. We have the right to have a say, and we’ll use it wisely.

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