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Four more years of the Wolverines

We are the renegades, making progress by inches out in the woods. But we have a great pedigree.

Before I got married last month, I got acrylic nails put on. They were kinda awesome, but not every-three-weeks awesome. So this morning, while out running errands, I stopped by a random nail place to get them taken off.

The young Vietnamese lady soaked and drilled the acrylic nails off and gave me a manicure while I tried not to fall asleep sitting up. When it came down to choosing my new polish color, I picked the darkest one they had, because I am in mourning for America.

It is November 7, 2012, and as I sit here, my nails are black, my dress is black, and my eyeliner is black. (Well, it’s always black.) I went to bed last night overwhelmed with despair and anxiety, feeling something like grief.

I mourn because yesterday, the United States re-elected the most anti-life president in our history.

As I sat in the chair, watching the diminutive manicurist paint the color of my soul onto my nails, I decided I was going to come up with something to be positive about. My nails were almost dry before I finally figured out the one thing. And it’s a good one:

We’re the underdogs.

It doesn’t sound great, but hear me out.

I love movies about the end of the world. Don’t you? Post-apocalyptic fiction, zombie uprisings…Americans love that stuff! We all like to secretly imagine what life would be like if all bets were off, if the infrastructure collapsed, if everything got as bad as it could be and it was just a few of us, a ragtag bunch of survivors, making a go of it against the elements, the fallout, and/or the walking dead.

We don’t really deep down want the world’s population decimated by nuclear war or the brain-eating plague. But it survives as a fantasy – and does really well in books and movies – because it’s interesting to imagine what it would be like if the worst happened. If we lost everything. If all the odds were against us.

There’s a movie from the 1980s called Red Dawn. You may have seen it. My husband showed it to me – he’s ten years older than me, and the film came out in his heyday –  and I was surprised, after years of hearing how jingoistic and silly it was, to find that it was actually kind of…well, good. In the film, a small group of teenagers, consisting of the late great Texan Patrick Swayze and Charlie Sheen before he became a walking petri dish, escape into the woods when their town is invaded by evil Communists. The Commies kill a bunch of people and take over the town, but they are plagued continuously by the renegades hiding in the woods, who adopt the name of their high school mascot, the Wolverines.

I won’t tell you how it ends, but I will tell you this: America began as the underdog. I heard something today, looked it up, and found that it’s true: America started out with only about 40% of the people wanting independence from the crown. Another 20% didn’t want independence. And the rest of ’em didn’t care one way or the other.

In other words, those who wanted independence from England and were willing to fight for it were in the minority. And look what happened.

Pro-lifers may or may not be in the minority in this country, but those willing to vote for life were outnumbered by those who are anti-life, or don’t hold life in high enough regard to make it a voting priority. In fact, the friend who converted me from my pro-choice beliefs did not vote for life in this election, to my shock and dismay.

There is no issue – not a single one – more important than stopping the legalized killing of the most innocent among us. And there is no evidence – none whatsoever – that maintaining our current laws or watching them become more friendly to the abortion industry will alleviate or end abortion in America.

Those of us who understand that America cannot be a force for good on Earth again until abortion ends – we were outnumbered. We lost. And we are expected to accept this loss, to tuck our tails and turn away from the fight.

I don’t know about you, but I am a sore loser.

By the anti-life voters, we are marginalized, discounted, thought of as crazy, annoying, antiquated, backwards, brainwashed, intolerant. We are underestimated.

But the abortion industry knows we are here, crouching in the woods like the Wolverines, watching the horror happen and staging our raids against the enemy. They don’t want the townsfolk to know there’s a threat to their power, but there is, and it’s us. We are the thorn in their side, and they’re scared of us.

And they should be.

They have a lot of money, and they have the media, and they have the Senate and the White House and a lot of the House, and they have the law, and they have the ignorance and complacency of millions of people.

But we have two things they do not have, two things without which they cannot win in the end: truth and righteousness.

We know the truth of abortion. We know the facts. We know the science. And we hold in our hearts the sacred ideal that human life is precious, that we are endowed by our Creator with certain inalienable rights, and that first and foremost among these rights is the right to live.

I look forward to this fight, because I know I am on the side of righteousness. I know we will win. I know that if we continue to educate, inform, and inspire, America will realize the error of its ways and choose goodness. America will choose life. I hope you will join me in this fight.

Long live the Wolverines!

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