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Former clinic worker describes abortion: “He had located the head and was crushing it”

Former abortion clinic worker Carol Everett wrote a book about her time in the abortion industry. In this passage, she is describing a D&E (dismemberment) abortion performed in her clinic. The abortionist has already pulled off the torso, arms and legs of the child and removed them from the woman’s body.

Dr. Johnson handed the suction tube back to Leslie [another clinic worker]  and once again used forceps to probe for the [baby’s] head. I saw the muscles of his right arm tighten and knew what that meant: He had located the head and was crushing it. Harvey used to joke about getting tennis elbow from this technique, and his right arm was actually slightly bigger than his left.

It’s hard to imagine that one abortionist could perform so many abortions that his arm actually changed and became more muscular from the strain. His arm muscles became bigger from the “exercise” he got crushing children’s skulls.

Carol Everett never says how many abortions Dr. Johnson performed, or how many of them were dismemberment abortions, but it has to be an incredibly high number for the anatomical changes she describes to occur.

Dismemberment abortions are gruesome and brutal for unborn babies. It is wise for pro-lifers to shine light on how horrific they are. In future articles, I will talk more about this type of abortion with quotes from the doctors who perform them.

Incidentally, the head is also crushed and removed this way in later first trimester abortions which are done primarily by suction.  The suction cannula mentioned in the above passage may have been used by the abortionist to remove soft tissue or bits of placenta left behind after pulling out the main fetal parts.

Source: Carol Everett and Jack Shaw. Blood Money: Getting Rich off a Woman’s Right to Choose (Sisters, OR: Multnomah Press, 1991)  11-12

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