Former abortionist who became pro-life: 'I realized that the baby was the innocent victim in all of this'
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Former abortionist who became pro-life: ‘I realized that the baby was the innocent victim in all of this’

Planned Parenthood abortionist

“I was horrified by the realization that I had killed more people than most mass murderers.”

In March 2016, former abortionist Kathy Aultman testified before Congress on what changed her mind about abortion. Aultman gave her testimony before the U.S. Senate Committee on the Judiciary in defense of two pro-life bills – a pain-capable bill and legislation that would protect babies born alive during abortion.

After having shared three stories about women who had abortions, Aultman explained what it was that changed her mind about the murdering of preborn children.

“I finally made the connection between the fetus and baby,” Aultman said. “I realized that what struck me was the apathy of the first patient and the hostility of the second towards the fetus, contrasted with the sorrow and misery of the woman who knew what it was to have a child.”

Aultman went on to say that the innocent victim in an abortion is the preborn child and that an unwanted baby is no longer a justification for abortion.

“I realized that the baby was the innocent victim in all of this, and the fact that it was unwanted was no longer enough justification for me to kill it,” Aultman said. “I could no longer do abortions.”

She described in detail how the abortion industry uses euphemisms and false rhetoric to hide the humanity of the preborn child and urged Congress to protect the preborn.

As a society we have shifted our priorities from basic human rights to women’s rights and have taught our young women that nothing should interfere with their right to do whatever they want with their bodies, especially when it comes to pregnancy. We have also done a good job of sanitizing our language to make abortion more palatable. We don’t speak about the “baby”; rather, we talk about the “fetus.” The abortionist “terminates the pregnancy” rather than “killing the baby.” As medical doctors and as a society we have moved away from the idea that life is precious and closer to the utilitarian attitudes which wreaked so much havoc during the last century.

Her testimony – along with other former abortionists’ stories – is helping change hearts and minds about abortion.

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