Fired Oregon teacher another victim of Planned Parenthood bully machine

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This week, a teacher who was respected and loved in his school was fired. Why? Because Bill Diss had the audacity to question Planned Parenthood, and their right to take over his classroom.

Because Diss opposed Planned Parenthood in his classroom, and tried to look out for the welfare of his own students, Planned Parenthood and pro-abortion officials at the school – including the principal – banded together and sought to fire the teacher. The case for dismissal was heard by the school board on November 14, and last night it was announced that the official in charge of reaching a verdict on Diss’ case had determined that the teacher should be fired. To recap: A teacher lost his job today because he listened to his own conscience and acted in what he believed to be the best interest of his students when Planned Parenthood bombarded his classroom.

Since the firing, Diss has seen support from his students and their parents, many of whom have written letters of encouragement and testimonials of his teaching, as well as showing up to stand by him during his pre-termination hearing. As Steven Ertelt pointed out, he is the only teacher in the state of Oregon qualified to teach college level computer science to high school students for dual credit. His reviews have been consistently positive. This firing is a great loss to his students.

This wasn’t an instance where a bad teacher had stepped over the line one too many times, or where a teacher had done something extraordinarily inappropriate. What happened here was that a teacher dared to stand up to Planned Parenthood in a very small way, which meant that he had to be destroyed. It’s a sad statement on the current state of our society that a teacher merely looking out for the welfare of his students and standing up for his moral beliefs can be fired…simply because that was what Planned Parenthood wanted to happen.

Of course, this is not unexpected. When it comes to standing up to Planned Parenthood, pro-lifers should be aware of what can happen, and that it could mean taking on their massive, mafia-like bully machine. There are plenty of examples.

Take, say, St. Paul’s Pantry. Planned Parenthood called the Catholic charity and asked for them to send over a truck to pick up a food donation. They declined, without giving a reason why, but advised Planned Parenthood that they could come and drop the food off themselves. The pantry was concerned that their food truck could be used as a photo op, showing support for Planned Parenthood – and as a Catholic organization, they are obviously anti-abortion and were unwilling to violate their core values. The pantry almost immediately began receiving hate calls and e-mail, and Planned Parenthood then began smearing the charity as “extremists” not only out to rob women of their right to “health care,” but also willing to deprive hungry people of food. This led to other media outlets picking up the story, including the Daily Kos, which published the pantry’s phone number and address and encouraged readers to harass them.

Was anything Planned Parenthood said the truth? Not in the least. If Planned Parenthood had been that concerned about the hungry, they could have simply driven to the pantry themselves and dropped the food off. The entire situation reeks of a setup by Planned Parenthood, but whether they were looking to make trouble or not, they went out of their way to smear a charitable organization that did absolutely no wrong other than not doing exactly what Planned Parenthood wanted them to do.

More notably, there was the absolutely incredible attack on Susan G. Komen for the Cure. Komen realized that Planned Parenthood was not actually performing mammograms on women – they were referring women out to other agencies. Komen decided that, basically, they could cut out the middle man (Planned Parenthood) and just give directly to the organizations that perform the mammograms. Many of the people on the board of Komen continued to be pro-abortion and left-leaning. This was in no way an attack on Planned Parenthood or abortion; it was simply an effort to save money and better direct it towards actually fighting breast cancer. This outraged Cecile Richards. And despite a “gentle-ladies” agreement over the cessation of funding, Richards spent six weeks gathering an army for an attack on Komen, as former Komen executive Karen Handel outlined in her book, Planned Bullyhood.

Richards and Planned Parenthood had the media, congressional Democrats, and many left-leaning pro-abortion groups on their side, and they unleashed an unbelievable assault on Komen. Planned Parenthood executed a familiar mafia tactic: give us money, or we will destroy you. The people at Komen, evidently, weren’t allowed to decide how they wanted to spend their own money. Once they were in with Planned Parenthood, there was no backing out. And after only three days of brutal smearing of the Komen organization, Nancy Brinker relented, and reinstated the grants to Planned Parenthood. The bully machine worked again.

And now, yet again, the Planned Parenthood bullies have claimed another victim.

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