Finding hope and comfort in the re-election of President Barack Obama

As you likely know, our country’s most pro-abortion president, Barack Obama, was re-elected last night. I’ll admit right off the bat that I am a sore loser. I don’t just “get over it” when things don’t go my way. I especially didn’t want to do that when the future of our country was at stake. Last night and this morning, it seemed as if the future of our country as a whole, and the unborn in particular, is heading in a grim direction. Part of me wanted to shut the door and shut the computer and hide away from the world for a few days. I’m dramatic, I know.

I have wondered: how could we have let this happen? Didn’t enough people know the stakes, that this was our chance? Didn’t people realize that ObamaCare would only continue to go into effect, and that the president would have had his pick of adding even more pro-abortion judges to the Supreme Court?

The road for pro-lifers up ahead is not going to be easy. How can it be when Obama is no longer limited by re-election? Whether we like it or not, this man will end up being our president for eight years. His pro-abortion stance will certainly leave some legacy, or rather dent, on our country’s future path. More unborn children will die, and Planned Parenthood’s power and influence will only expand.

Yet as grim as the situation looks for us, I have found an inkling of hope. The pro-life movement has been a strong one, and those who are a part of it have only become stronger over the years. Science, and the polls, are on our side more than they were when this battle first began. We were strong when Barack Obama was in office for the first four years, and I do believe that we will be strong even for the more difficult road ahead of Barack Obama’s next four years in office.

For this year of 2012, the end of President Obama’s first term, pro-life laws have still been enacted. As of July 2012, the number of restrictions on abortion amounted to 39. In 2011, this number was at 80. Thankfully, many pro-lifers were elected to the House of Representatives in 2010 and have retained their seats as a result of last night’s election. Despite how Obama may view abortion, and how he may force that view upon pro-lifers and pro-life states, the Guttmacher Institute did a report showing still that more states are hostile to abortion.

I look at it this way: with such a president in office, whatever pro-life legislation that is able to pass, whether at the state or federal level, should be commended that much more. It shows that pro-life Americans and pro-life politicians still exist, and that they still know to fight for the rights of the unborn.

And of course there are those who will continue to sidewalk-counsel and help women regardless of who is in office. I’m not saying that pro-lifers should waste their time rejoicing or complaining about who is in office, though that should and does play an important factor. The efforts of these pro-lifers should of course always be commended.

I very much still am upset about the election results. We may have barely just survived Obama’s first four years, but we will continue to survive the next four. Survival and continuing to fight is what pro-lifers do. And I know that I will be surviving with the mindset that whatever pro-life progress happens in these next four years should be that much more celebrated for still coming to be in the face of such a powerful adversary. In years to come, when we are still fighting the good fight against abortion, we can look back and say that it may have been difficult, but that we overcame the presidency of Barack Obama.

As angry and upset as I was by the outcome of the election, I realized that no matter who is in control of my country, I will never give up being pro-life. It’s who I am, and who I always will be. I hope all pro-lifers will remain as strong and remember that they do have the power to ensure that elections have consequences.

We may have a setback of eight years with this current president, with his legacy lasting for longer. I do believe, though, that this is just that: a setback. And I also do believe that we are on the side of truth and love, which will prevail as we continue to change hearts, minds, and laws.

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