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Female, African-American Democrat calls abortion genocide of African-Americans

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In a discussion regarding a bill in Louisiana’s health and welfare committee, Representative Katrina Jackson expressed her distaste for the large number of African-American abortions.  House Bill No. 388 would require abortionists to provide more information to pregnant women seeking abortion, as well as new regulations for abortion practices.

One group arguing against the bill said that it would help minority women, especially African-American women who “don’t have necessarily the same access to contraceptive use that higher income women do.”

Jackson strongly disagreed, saying:

I’ve heard it thrown around by the young ladies at the table today, that this [HB 388] protects mostly minority women. But, I want to address something. I’m not sure if you are aware but the number one genocide right now in the African-American community, and why we’re becoming a minority of minorities, is because most of our babies are dying in the womb from abortion. Did you know that?

graph of african american abortion numbersJackson is right. According to BlackGenocide.org, since 1973, 13 million African-Americans have been killed by abortion. Comparatively, 4.2 million African-Americans since 1973 have died from heart disease, cancer, accidents and violent crimes combined. In New York City alone in 2012, 31,328 African-American babies were killed in abortions while just 24,758 were born. More African-American children are aborted than born in NYC.

Jackson goes on to say, “[…] I don’t want people advocating erroneously for African-American women. That’s my suggestion. Get all the facts, because I’m an African American woman, and, if we protect, trust me on this, if we protect one facet of African-Americans, we protect all of them.”

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