Federal grants: abortion orgs favored over faith-based agencies

When it comes to federal tax dollars, we already know that Planned Parenthood receives hundreds of millions per year. Now, the Obama administration has found a way to exclude many faith-based agencies from competing for federal grant money. 

According to this op-ed from the Washington Times, “strong preference is given to [federal grant] applicants that are willing to offer all of the services and referrals delineated” within the project objectives.

This is government-speak that means this: If you do not provide or refer for abortion or contraception, you will receive no money. The policy not only gives priority to applicants that provide surgical abortions but also to those that provide abortion-causing intrauterine devices (IUDs), abortion-causing morning-after pills, abortion-causing birth control pills and devices, and ella, the abortion-causing drug. This language in federal grants essentially excludes those physicians and religious organizations who historically have been on the front lines in helping the victims of sex trafficking but whose beliefs prohibit the performance of, or referral for, abortion and contraception.

Sadly, the current administration appears to be more committed to finding new ways to direct federal funding to its pro-abortion political allies at Planned Parenthood than to doing what is best for the victims of sex trafficking.

By excluding faith-based organization and pouring more money into groups that provide this “full-range” of services, the medical treatment for victims of human trafficking will be reduced to abortion and contraception only. Another link between sex trafficking and abortion-providers like Planned Parenthood? Hmmm.

— 2011 (c) Live Action —

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