FBI investigates Albuquerque explosion that may be connected with pro-life campaign

Albuquerque, the “late-term abortion capital of the country,” has been a hotbed of debate over abortion in recent months. In November, a city-wide measure that was poised to make late-term abortion in Albuquerque illegal failed. Since then, local pro-lifers have been working tirelessly to raise awareness of late-term abortion’s impact on Albuquerque and continue the fight to end the practice in their city. Opposition from abortion advocates is fierce.

In November, a pipe bomb was planted outside the print shop where the local pro-life coalition has commissioned printing for their signage, which included pro-life messages related to the late-term abortion ban vote last fall. The name and address of the Fast Signs print shop that does the work is printed on all of the materials it produces for the pro-life group, and there has been speculation among pro-lifers and the Albuquerque Police Department alike that the print shop was targeted by opponents of the work that pro-lifers are doing.

After the Albuquerque Police Department evaluated the situation, they contacted the FBI to look further into the issue, which, according to Fr. Stephen Imbarrato of Protest ABQ, is still under investigation. Local news reported:

Fr. Stephen commented to Live Action regarding the work of pro-lifers in Albuquerque, saying:

It is our goal to show the people of ABQ and the State of NM that we are done accepting the complacency and the silence amongst government, civic, and business leaders that have allowed the baby killing here in ABQ to the point that ABQ is the ‘Late Term Abortion Capital of the country’ and the ‘Abortion Capital of the SW.’ We invite pro life groups from across the country to come to ABQ and join us in our efforts to end the baby killing.

Fr. Stephen also shared that the group’s website has been hacked, and that they have received many threatening e-mails, of which the FBI has been made aware.

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