Don’t let a baby change your plans: abortion to the rescue!

Murder? No big deal.

pregnantPro-aborts like to frame the abortion debate as one of women’s health and reproductive rights. They make it sound so much nobler than it actually is. When they speak of why abortion is necessary, they don’t often say things like “because the woman just doesn’t feel like having a baby” or that “a baby is just too inconvenient.” They’ll bring up rape, or a pregnancy compromising the health of the mother…something to make abortion sound like an important moral choice instead of a selfish decision that ends the life of a baby.

There’s an exception, though: this pro-abort who flat-out admitted that she’s all for abortion because a baby would just, like, mess up her life or something. From TheFrisky blogger Avital Norman Nathman:

Here’s the thing. Unlike some people, becoming a parent only strengthened my commitment to ensuring legal access to safe and affordable abortion. Yes, I struggled with getting pregnant and have witnessed the miracle of life, but it has only made me aware of how important it is to be able to make a fully informed choice about bringing a new person into this world. Would my life have gone on if I had a child at 17 or 24? Certainly. Would we have survived with two kids under two? Of course, people do it all the time. But that wasn’t the life I planned for, and I appreciate knowing that that if my birth control fails or I’m put in a situation beyond my control, I have options. I want every woman to have access to those options.

So even though she admits she could handle an unexpected child, she just doesn’t want to. So because she doesn’t feel like going through the hassle of having another baby, it’s totally acceptable to end that baby’s life. And the only reason is out of sheer convenience.

It is chilling to hear someone speak of murder so cavalierly.

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