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Disgusting “Happy Anniversary, Baby” pro-abortion video gets pulled

Liberating…for seedy men with bad intentions.


A few months ago, my friend Destiny and I discovered that the Center for Reproductive Rights (CRR) was spoofing the Ryan Gosling “Hey, girl” meme and using it to promote abortion.

If you’ve been on Pinterest, you probably know what I’m talkin’: there will be a photo of Ryan Gosling gazing wistfully at the camera, and the caption will say something like, “Hey girl, you stay there and watch ‘Downton Abbey.’ I’ll finish the dishes.” Or something like that. I don’t know, chicks dig it.

Anyway, CRR started using this meme to draw in their target demographic of young hipster females. So Destiny and I created our own pro-abortion meme, appropriately featuring Jersey Shore’s “The Situation.”

Click for link.

Click for link.

If we’re gonna talk about why men love abortion, then let’s be honest about it. This is something I’m always saying: there’s a reason why people like Tucker Max and Hugh Hefner support abortion. Is it because abortion empowers women, or because abortion makes it a lot easier for men to use women for their sexual gratification and then toss them aside without consequences?

Hm, let me think…

Anyway, I know from CRR, okay? I heard their president Nancy Northup speak in person when I was undercover at a Planned Parenthood meeting. She made me throw up in my mouth. She advocated free abortion on demand for everyone in the world and referred to the pro-life cause as the “forced birth” movement. She’s a professor of law at Columbia University, which makes all kinds of sense.

CRR loves abortion a whole lot, you guys. And they celebrated the 40th anniversary of Roe v. Wade this month with a video that shocked everyone – even some pro-choicers. Everybody freaked out. The reception was overwhelmingly bad, and apparently they weren’t prepared for this response, because yesterday, they pulled it.

You can still see the video here, but make sure you have a puke bucket nearby.

It plays like a parody of a pro-abortion video. It’s so bad for abortion I probably should have made it myself. In the video, actor Mehcad Brooks (you might recognize him from “True Blood” if you like TV shows about homosexual vampires) sits by a fire with a highball and a red rose wearing a nice suit. He talks to the camera and addresses the Roe v. Wade decision – in other words, legalized abortion – as though it were a sexy lay-day into whose pants he is attempting to assert himself.

There are so many layers of grossness in this video that I don’t know where to start. There’s the black layer, first of all. Mehcad Brooks is a handsome black dude. He was born in 1980, which makes him a Roe survivor. And not just any Roe survivor – a black one.

Palash R. Ghosh at International Business Times breaks down some numbers on the black abortion rate and calls them “stark”:

As of 2006, 50 out of 1,000 black women underwent abortions, according to the Census Bureau, versus 14 for white women and 22 for women of other races.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, black women account for only 13 percent of the total U.S. female population, but undergo more than one-third of all abortions.

In Mississippi, usually ranked the poorest state in the nation, blacks represent about 37 percent of the population, but comprise 75 percent of abortion patients.

So when a black guy promotes abortion, it makes me think of a black guy wearing a Klan uniform. It’s weird and horrifying, and it’s not something I particularly like to see. It’s the reason why every time Obama promotes Planned Parenthood, it makes my stomach turn. How many future African-American presidents have been lost to their mothers’ “liberating” abortion experience?

Then there’s the overwhelming creepiness of a man seducing the personification of abortion. It says kind of everything that needs to be said about what abortion means for women. His tone makes me think of the women who are coerced into having abortions – some figures say around two-thirds. It reeks of boyfriends and anonymous baby-daddies, brought up in a culture that has wrecked their families and woefully denied them instruction in responsibility and values, sweet-talking the mothers of their children into aborting.

Brooks speaks to his lady friend abortion in a smarmy, self-assured, seductive tone, punctuated with devilish laughter and culminating in a series of lascivious grunts that say, “Hey girl, let’s have non-procreative sex.” He basically demonstrates how abortions start, and why they’re liberating not for women, but for men with bad intentions.

So it makes perfect sense that CRR would pull this video. It’s basically a satirization of male attitudes toward abortion. The fact that CRR would post it is proof that they are apocalyptically stupid about what abortion is, that they are blind to the realities behind it, and that they were unprepared for how sophisticated pro-lifers are when it comes to understanding abortion and its causes.

They thought they were going to be ironic and hipstery and cool, like their witty little Ryan Gosling memes. And instead they just look clueless and chauvinistic.

“You look good for forty,” Brooks tells abortion in the video, as though it is super-sexy.

Well, CRR, you look dumb. Out of touch, misogynistic, and dumb. Because, well, you are.

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