Disaster for Girls: Federal judge orders sale of home abortion drug to minors

Edward Korman, a federal judge in New York City, has ordered the U.S. government to allow the sale of Plan B One-Step over the counter to women and girls of any age. Lila Rose, President and founder of Live Action, released the following statement:

Selling a self-administered home-abortion pill over the counter to young girls, without even basic involvement of a parent or doctor, is the equivalent of selling guns off the shelf to any minor. The decision by a New York City judge ordering Plan B One-Step, an abortifacient with unknown risks and the power to kill, to be available over the counter, to anyone of any age, flouts both medical prudence and plain common sense.

Even pro-abortion Secretary Sebelius and the present administration recognize that the severity of the risks of Plan B are unknown, especially for young girls. Widespread and unregulated exposure to untested abortifacient drugs puts pre-born children at huge risk as well.

Forcibly excluding parents and doctors from decisions with profound implications for children’s health can only spell disaster for teens and pre-teens in our country. Judge Korman’s decision shows contempt for every established medical safety protocol, and it should therefore be overturned immediately.

According to the New York Times, Korman accused the federal government of acting in “bad faith” by requiring a Plan B prescription for girls under seventeen years old. The Justice Department is currently reviewing Korman’s opinion and had no more to say on the matter.

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