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Danish study shows long-term risks of abortion

Think this will change the abortion industry’s approach in counseling vulnerable women?

A new study in Denmark has further proven the inherent risks of abortion towards women. Researchers were able to establish that women who have had abortions face higher mortality rates than women who have not.

The study showed that a single induced abortion increased the chance of maternal death by 45 percent when compared to women who had never received and abortion.

The researched also highlighted an even higher death rate among women who had multiple abortions.

According to the study women who had two abortions were 114 percent more likely to die during the period examined and women with three or more abortions had a 192 percent increased chance of premature death.
Research also showed an increase in the death rates of women who had experienced miscarriages, ectopic pregnancies or other natural losses.

Women who did not have a history of loss during pregnancy were the least likely to die during the 25 years that were examined, while women who had never conceived had the highest mortality rate.

The finding that each additional abortion or other pregnancy loss contributed to a rising death rate is an indication that the observed effects are more likely to be causal than incidental, according to David Reardon, a co-author of the study, said in a statement.

If further studies find the same incidences of higher mortality rates after having an abortion, do you think it’s likely that women will be warned before undergoing the procedure?

Yeah. Neither did I.

This is yet another example of how abortion is not safe – not for the baby, and not for the mother. There are risks of serious medical injuries with abortions, as well as death. Having an abortion increases your risk of pre-term birth in future pregnancies. Women who have abortions are at increased risk for mental health problems, depression and suicide, and breast cancer.

Now we’re finding that there is an apparently correlation between abortion and increased mortality rates for women. Women won’t be told any of this prior to having an abortion, though. In fact, Live Action has found that abortion counselors encourage pregnant women to have abortions because “women die having babies.” But give them fair warning of the many health risks they’ll be facing? Never.

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