Couple adopts teen who could have aged out of the foster system without a family

Foster families play an integral role in the lives of children and teens who have no solid family structure to call their own. Foster children often deal with struggles and trials related to their past family life and the circumstances of being placed with foster families. They are forced to quickly adapt to new families in succession, as most foster families only keep foster children for a finite amount of time.

Sometimes, teens will age out of the foster system and into adulthood without any family to call their own. When Meredith, a teenager in foster care, finds herself receiving an adoptive family after a painful journey through the foster system, her relief and happiness are almost palpable. Meredith’s foster parents told her that they had called a meeting with her to affirm her and give her encouragement. She did not expect what was going to happen next.


Read more about efforts to help foster teens find forever families here.

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