Correcting statements made by New York Magazine regarding Live Action investigations

New York Magazine recently posted an article with incorrect statements, two of which need to be addressed:

Screenshot-AZStatement One: “When an attempt last year to prove that Planned Parenthood endorsed sex-selective abortion (they don’t) was quickly sniffed out by clinic employees, it seemed Rose and her video production company Live Action were losing steam.”

The common thread among the different investigations that Live Action released on Planned Parenthood clinics in Texas, New York, Hawaii, and North Carolina was that the clinics tried to shield themselves from liability by referring the patient to an OB/GYN for determination of the unborn child’s gender. However, once that “neutral third party” had made the determination, the clinics were glad to help patients abort for gender reasons.

From Texas:

No, we don’t do anything. I mean, we do ultrasounds, but not, you know, to determine whether or not it’s a boy or a girl. I’m pretty sure you can do that. And I’m pretty sure that they could probably tell you. I haven’t – I don’t see why not; they’re doing the ultrasound. If they can see if it’s a boy or a girl, they’ll do it. But we’ve never had anybody just come in just for that, you know, but I don’t see why not.

From New York:

Woman: –’cause we’re pretty sure it is a girl again – 80%-90% sure – and then once we get that confirmation, I’ll just plan on keeping [the appointment]. And I’ll call you guys if for some reason we found out, “It’s a boy!”

PP: That’s fine. Um, I’ll give you my card, and you can call me.

In Hawaii when the woman explained that she didn’t want to have another girl, the Planned Parenthood worker responded:

But, I mean, you know, it’s really up to the patient whether – I mean everybody has their different reasons why they choose to have a termination and, of course, everybody’s story matters and if that’s, you know – if that’s what you wanna base your – base your decision on – really – it’s really up to you.

And in a different Hawaiian Planned Parenthood clinic:

Woman: After this – after terminating this female pregnancy just, like, let my body heal –

PP: Let your body recover, yeah.

Woman: – start trying again and then hopefully it’s a boy but if it’s a girl – like, maybe – like, what if it was, like, a year later? Is it okay to – ?

PP: It’s okay.

Woman: – come back and terminate.

PP: Yeah

And finally from Planned Parenthood in North Carolina:

PP: …it sounds like you, um, would like confirmation of the gender of the pregnancy, um, and depending on that, you, you know, would kinda make the decision for you as to –

Woman: Right

PP: – if you wanted to continue with the pregnancy or terminate it, is that –

Woman: Exactly.

PP: – OK.  Do you know how many weeks you are?

PP: … I mean there’s a lot of other tests that could be performed through an OB/GYN.

Woman: To confirm that it’s a girl.

PP: Yeah

Woman: … the last thing we wanna do is accidentally abort the boy because we were operating on wrong information

PP: Right. And I think it’s very important that you have a very informed decision, um, and that you get all the information that you need in order to move forward.

In addition to encouraging women to move forward with abortions when the basis of that abortion is gender selection, Planned Parenthood actively opposed legislation that would have made sex selection abortions illegal. According to Cecile Richards, president of Planned Parenthood Federation of America:

This legislation will impose harmful restrictions on a woman’s access to care and limit her choices as she makes personal medical decisions. Furthermore, it would intrude on the critical nature of the doctor/patient relationship and interfere with a doctor’s ability to provide nonjudgmental, high-quality care for women.

Planned Parenthood is there to provide abortions for anyone who wants one and for whatever reason they want one. It doesn’t matter if the reason is because the innocent child happens to be the wrong gender. They will still endorse – and perform – an abortion.

Marcotte Abortion JarStatement Two: “One employee incorrectly says the fetus will be killed by solution in a medical waste jar (recalling a vivid detail from Gosnell’s clinic), and another doctor tells the patient that a live fetus won’t be intubated.”

The author of this New York Magazine article unilaterally states that the employee who said that the fetus would be killed in a medical waste jar was incorrect.

The context in which that question was originally posed was in relation to if the child was born alive, as evidenced by breathing and twitching.  How does the author know that the solution wouldn’t kill the baby? And how does the author know that this isn’t the practice?

The woman in the video was talking to a clinic worker who worked at an abortion clinic.  Has the author been to an abortion clinic on a regular basis and observed what happens there?

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