CNN is wrong: Planned Parenthood has broken the law

In a vain attempt to defend Planned Parenthood, CNN has merely shown that it, too, is blind to the truth. In an attempted slam of presidential candidate Ted Cruz, CNN has ignored the actual facts, manufacturing opinions to serve its own purpose. CNN’s “fact check” merely serves to slam the news agency itself – as well as Planned Parenthood.

The admissions of Planned Parenthood’s own top executives conclusively show that America’s abortion giant violates federal law on a regular basis, flaunting prohibitions on selling human baby body parts. For more detailed analyses on how Planned Parenthood is breaking federal law, see here and here.

Watch Live Action’s fact check of CNN’s “fact check.”

CNN is wrong: Planned Parenthood has broken the law. Top-level executives have been caught on tape admitting how they illegally profit from the body parts of aborted babies. It’s time for a fact check.

Posted by Live Action on Saturday, September 19, 2015

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