Clinton: Abortion must be "core priority" in developing countries

Clinton: Abortion must be “core priority” in developing countries

Hillary Clinton

Last week, presidential candidate Hillary Clinton yet again made clear her intent to promote abortion, not only in the United States, but in developing countries as well.

Speaking to the Women Deliver 4th Global Conference in Copenhagen via video address, Clinton stated that “reproductive…rights must be a core priority.” The conference centered on the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals, which have been widely criticized for promoting abortion and population control. Clinton apparently sees this as progress, telling the women and organizations present that “this is an important moment as we chart a course to meet the new Sustainable Development Goals.”

While some of the discussion involved issues other than abortion, abortion was a specific conference topic, and the Women Deliver Award for Courage was scheduled to be presented to Planned Parenthood president Cecile Richards, according to Life Site News.


“Two decades ago at the U.N. fourth world conference on women in Beijing we came together and said with one voice that women’s rights are human rights. And the gains we’ve made since then prove that progress is possible,” said Clinton. “But as you all know too well, our work is far from finished.”

Clinton’s words, as well as her extensive pro-abortion record would clearly indicate that her unfinished work includes forcing abortion on developing countries. While some individuals and organizations agree with the United Nations and Clinton that abortion should be forced upon developing countries, some people from those countries take issue with the Western World’s push to liberalize abortion in the rest of the world, calling the campaign for international abortion access neo-colonization.

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