Center for Medical Progress files defamation lawsuit against former Planned Parenthood abortionist

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The Center for Medical Progress (CMP) has announced that it has filed a defamation lawsuit against a former Planned Parenthood abortionist after she said CMP’s undercover video footage showing Planned Parenthood’s gruesome aborted baby parts marketing scheme were “dubbed” and “fake.” CMP’s 2015 video series captured disturbing statements on hidden camera between Dr. Savita Ginde, then the Chief Medical Officer of Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains, and undercover investigators from CMP posing as representatives of a biotech company seeking to purchase and re-sell aborted human fetal organs and tissues.

Live Action News obtained a copy of the lawsuit, which states in part:

Dr. Ginde published a book and made a TEDx presentation, in which she falsely claims that the videos were “dubbed” and “spliced and diced…” and that they did not reflect her actual statements…The Ginde Videos accurately portray the discussions that Dr. Ginde had with Mr. Daleiden during the undercover investigations. No facts were fabricated or added to the video. Neither the context of Dr. Ginde’s statements, nor the accompanying audio, was manipulated.

Image: Planned Parenthood former abortionist: Savita Ginde book cover

Planned Parenthood former abortionist: Savita Ginde book cover

Ginde writes in the prologue of her book, obtained by Live Action News and entitled, “The Real Cost of Fake News: The Hidden Truth Behind the Planned Parenthood Video Scandal”:

In July of 2015, following a multiyear infiltration led by a well-known anti-abortion extremist named David Daleiden, a series of deceptively edited videos were released attempting to implicate Planned Parenthood in the selling of fetal tissue. These allegations are not only completely false, but in the videos in which I am featured many of my words are taken out of context, other words are actually dubbed in, and actions are attributed to me that never actually happened. The words and actions are completely false – literally, FAKE NEWS – and nevertheless, the immediate aftermath of the infiltration was devastating.

“I spoke to David briefly at the conference and was vaguely intrigued…. I had no reason to find David suspicious…. Nevertheless, I sure didn’t expect that five minute conversation to significantly alter the trajectory of my life. Yet, it did,” Ginde wrote.

She also recounted a second meeting:

In April, David and his colleagues came to the PPRM headquarters for our meeting…One positive is that because I happened to be sitting in a part of the room where the sun was really bright behind me, you can’t see me well in part of the video because I’m backlit….

… After our meeting, I went to see some patients and David and his fake CEO stayed on to discuss “logistics” with my coordinator…. [W]hen I went back into the lab area, David and Susan were back there with my coordinator…. What happened next was truly bizarre. David put on gloves…. [M]y recollection is that I saw him put his fingers right in there with the [aborted] tissue…. He filmed our entire meeting. Based on the footage that was later released, its likely that his video camera was either hidden in his glasses or in one of his shirt’s button holes…”

Ginde then claims David dubbed her words into the video, writing, “They added in phrases like “that’s brains” and “It’s a baby.”


In its release, CMP points out that Ginde acknowledged in her book that she never fully watched the footage and “had no intention of ever doing so.”

CMP claims that during recent testimony in federal court, Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains and Planned Parenthood Federation of America stipulated that “the words used by [Planned Parenthood’s] personnel and the [CMP investigators] in the video… were spoken by those persons.”

Image: Abortionist Savinta Ginde's book claims she never watched CMP Videos on Planned Parenthood

Abortionist Savinta Ginde’s book claims she never watched CMP Videos on Planned Parenthood

“Dr. Ginde repeatedly labels Mr. Daleiden as a ‘false prophet,’ ‘a liar,’ ‘a man without honor,’ and a pusher of ‘propaganda’ on ‘anyone who wasn’t going to join [his] fictional bandwagon as someone who was a less-than-perfect Christian,’ among many other derogatory things….” the lawsuit states. It continues:

Dr. Ginde’s statements have resulted in special damages to Plaintiffs, including pecuniary loss stemming from lost donor support; reduced investment from outside organizations; and increased public relations expenditures to counter the false narrative about Plaintiffs spread by Dr. Ginde….

… The Statements are defamatory per se, as they impute to Plaintiffs a matter incompatible with their business, trade, profession, or office, and this imputation is apparent from the face of the Statements. Specifically, Plaintiffs are in the business of truthful and accurate investigatory reporting with authentic undercover video footage, and the Statements accused them of false and deceitful reporting and producing inauthentic video footage….

Interestingly, Ginde didn’t just attack CMP; she also wrote negatively about Planned Parenthood, saying, “I left Planned Parenthood and, I must admit, it cleared my head and gave my family and me time to heal and connect with people who truly wished for our health and well-being. My departure from Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains was handled with nothing but unprofessional, vindictive, and disgraceful behavior by the ever indignant CEO, Vicki Cowart.”

In the lawsuit, CMP notes that “The Ginde videos truly and accurately memorialized the statements Dr. Ginde had made to Mr. Daleiden and other CMP investigators during their discussions.”

“The Ginde Videos were not dubbed, nor were they ‘spliced and diced.’ Their contents are true and accurate…. That the accuracy of CMP’s recordings has been formally acknowledged even by Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains – Dr. Ginde’s employer at the time she was recorded by Plaintiffs – demonstrates that Dr. Ginde’s allegations about Plaintiffs are provably false.”

View the lawsuit here.

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