Center for “Reproductive Rights” prez issues demands in strange alien language

A war on facts and words themselves.

Fetus FacepalmOf pro-aborts’ many charms, two often stand out: they’re never content with what they have, and their rhetoric is so euphemism-laden that it’s sometimes hard to decipher what they’re actually saying. Nancy Northup, President and CEO of the Center for “Reproductive Rights,” displays both traits in a new open letter to Barack Obama. Fortunately, we here at Live Action are well-versed in Choicespeak-to-English translation.

She implores the president “to fulfill that promise” to fight for a woman’s “access to quality, affordable health care” and “right to make her own choices about her own health.” Normal English-speakers might assume that refers to, well, women’s health, in which case Ms. Northup would indeed be highlighting a promise Obama has failed to deliver — under ObamaCare, women will certainly face lost coverage, increased insurance costs, fewer choices, and worse care.

But later in the letter Northup lauds ObamaCare for “expand[ing] affordable access to family planning, prenatal and maternal care, and routine reproductive health check-ups to millions,” so her words can’t mean their plain meaning. No, the truth is that “women’s health” is just code for the legal privilege to have a doctor kill your developing child, with your fellow taxpayers footing the bill if necessary. Just coming out and saying that’s what they want would make the CRR’s job a lot harder, because then their communiqués couldn’t use gems like “drawing the line against the hostility, the cruelty” with a straight face.

Almost as preposterous is the premise that Obama needs to be told to keep appeasing the offspring disposal lobby. Abortion is effectively legal throughout most of pregnancy for any reason, often subsidized, and largely insulated from the democratic process. Not only is Obama committed to preserving that status quo, but he’s on the record in favor of third-trimester abortions, has stuck his neck out for outright infanticide in the name of preserving abortion, has endorsed disenfranchising the states on the issue via the Freedom of Choice Act, and routinely lies to butter up pro-aborts and defame pro-lifers. What more could Northup want?

The rights of women—and their ability to exercise them—now depend on where they live, and whether their state legislatures have been overrun by politicians hostile to women, doctors, and the rights of both.

So the only way to not be “hostile” to women and doctors is by letting them dismember a baby with various sharp implements, and/or administer various poisons that starve or suffocate the baby, or stop his or her heart. Which doesn’t sound hostile at all. To say nothing of the fact that “women” is a curious catchall for a procedure the majority of women don’t use.

This is a crisis of constitutional proportions. Action by the federal government is needed right now.

Um, no. Different states making different laws on contentious issues is exactly what the Constitution was designed to facilitate; it is therefore the opposite of a “crisis.”

Specifically, Northup demands:

Continue to push for the broad expansion of affordable access to the full range of essential reproductive health services through the Affordable Care Act and other means—and to hold the line against attempts to thwart this progress through refusals on the grounds of personal and religious belief.

Translation: force taxpayers to subsidize abortion, regardless of the individual rights and religious beliefs of the taxpayers from whose pockets said funds will be taken.

Prioritize the appointment of judges to the federal bench who will uphold the constitutional protections due the full and free exercise of women’s reproductive rights.

Translation: abandon all pretense that the judiciary is a separate and distinct branch with an apolitical purpose. Appoint judges who will fabricate constitutional rationales for usurping the people’s and the legislative branch’s rights and responsibilities on the subject of abortion.

Support the provision of comprehensive and accurate sex education in our public schools, improvements in prenatal and maternal care, the expansion of support for families in need, and other services that will benefit women and their families throughout their lives.

Translation: support greater promotion of underage casual sex and somehow produce results that are the opposite of the effect your health care plan will actually have.

Fittingly, the Choicespeak reaches its highest/lowest point near the end, as Northup justifies her stance thusly:

The federal government must ensure that the fundamental rights of all people are respected and protected, regardless of where they live.

Unless where they live happens to be in a womb. In that case, regard away. Their fundamental rights may be dismissed by a committee of one.

There is perhaps no other fundamental right that is under more ferocious attack than the right of reproductive choice—and we need you to help us fight back now.

Except maybe, oh, I don’t know, the right not to die. Think that might be just a smidgen more fundamental than the right to lethally cancel an almost-always-preventable nine-month condition?

Northup concludes by expressing how the CRR looks forward to “fighting alongside” Obama in the fake name of “reproductive rights.” And “fight” is right – the cause of abortion is not only a war on the unborn, but a war on facts and words themselves.

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