Canadian health official: We want more doctors to do late-term abortions


Following a report by the College of Physicians on late-term abortion in Quebec, Canada, health officials are calling for more physicians to commit abortions late in pregnancy.

“Some doctors will do it [late-term abortion]. We’d like to see a few more,” Quebec Health Minister Danielle McCann told the Montreal Gazette. McCann added that “an additional team” of abortionists could be formed to commit later abortions in the province but stressed that this would not be a group of abortionists who would simply move from one hospital to the next.

Former health minister Gaétan Barrette weighed in on the issue, warning that having a designated facility for later abortion would create a place for pro-life sidewalk counselors to concentrate their efforts. The Montreal Gazette characterizes pro-life sidewalk counselors as “protesters who berate women” who go to abortion facilities, a biased claim that does not stand up to the facts.

According to McCann, between 10 and 25 women in Quebec travel to the United States each year to undergo later abortions. She said, “We want that service to be provided in Quebec.”

Below is a video showing a D&E abortion, a brutal type of later abortion which dismembers a child in the womb:


Barrette admitted, “There is access [to late-term abortion] in Quebec,” adding, “But you have to knock on a lot of doors.” Barrette, who is a doctor, told the Montreal Gazette he has “a certain discomfort” with ending the life of a preborn child late in pregnancy. Despite his personal aversion to ending preborn lives shortly before birth, he claimed “we have to avoid that this subject becomes a means to questioning abortion entirely.” Echoing the opinion of many abortionists and activists, Barrette claimed, “A woman has control of her own body — full stop,” implying that to limit abortion at nine months could cause people to question elective abortion earlier in pregnancy.

Abortion supporters have long tried to claim that late-term abortions are only done for “medical reasons.” Data shows this is false. There are many reasons why women seek elective abortion late in pregnancy, and many of those reasons are the same as those given for abortion earlier in pregnancy. In the U.S. the multi-day procedure can cost up to $30,000 cash.

Abortion activists have long pretended that limiting abortion is a shared goal between pro-lifers and abortion groups, championing the now taboo tagline “safe, legal and rare.” Now it has become clear that abortion activists are not interested in giving women options and decreasing the number of lives lost to the violence of abortion. Now that abortion advocates have acknowledged directly that endorsing elective abortion at any stage requires accepting it at every stage — even when abortions are committed on fully developed, viable and pain-capable preborn children — perhaps more people will realize we should feel “a certain discomfort” with ending a human life through abortion, whether at nine months or nine weeks.

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