CA Sen. Barbara Boxer repeats Planned Parenthood mammogram falsehood

This week Live Action has been exposing the lie told by Planned Parenthood and Cecile Richards that they provide mammograms to women.

Senator Barbara Boxer (who has been pushing the abortion agenda in the U.S. Senate for 18 years and counting) has been repeating these false claims, according to the San Francisco Chronicle politics blog:

California U.S. Senator Barbara Boxer is lambasting what she calls a Republican “vendetta” against Planned Parenthood, saying that efforts in the House Republicans’ proposed budget to entirely defund the organization will impact millions.

In California alone, hundreds of thousands of women, the Democratic Senator said, use the organization’s “life-saving” services — including cancer screenings, mammograms, day-to-day health care, OB-GYN services as well as contraception and family planning.

Boxer made the statements this week at a San Francisco press conference…

A local San Francisco CBS affiliate adds more:

U.S. Senator Barbara Boxer paid a visit to San Francisco on Wednesday, taking aim at the House Republicans proposed budget.

Standing at the Ferry Building next to a Marine Corps veteran, a Planned Parenthood patient, whose mammogram detected pre-cancerous cells, an asthma patient and a doctor of thoracic surgery from the University of California, Davis, Boxer described them as the faces of Californians who would be most affected by the Republican plan.

Live Action is calling on Senator Boxer to retract her false claims about Planned Parenthood saving lives through the mammograms they don’t provide to women.

Senator Boxer comes to Planned Parenthood’s defense in the wake of a huge child sex trafficking scandal as well as their multi-million dollar PR campaign to preserve their $350,000,000 in federal taxpayer funding. Senator Boxer’s top all-time campaign contributor is the pro-abortion group EMILY’s List and Planned Parenthood regularly donates to and supports her reelection campaigns. In fact, last year Boxer was Planned Parenthood’s “million dollar baby.”

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