Why buying a gun and getting an abortion are not the same

The terrorist attack at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando, Florida, on Sunday morning has fueled the fire of the anti-gun movement. While there is a very noticeable crisis of the heart in the United States, there is also an overwhelming fear of guns, and confusion about how those guns ended up in the hands of someone who had been on the FBI watch list. But now celebrities and others are taking this moment to compare purchasing a gun to getting an abortion.

Nev Schulman, photographer and host of MTV’s Catfish posted this on his Facebook page after the attack:

Nev Shulman

Similar posts have been floating around the web on Twitter and Facebook of people comparing buying a gun to getting an abortion. Except there really is no comparison.

  1. When a woman gets an abortion there is a definite and purposeful ending of a human life – each and every time. Whereas, in most cases when a person with no criminal record goes to buy a gun, there is no deliberate intent to harm another human being.  In going to get an abortion, it is guaranteed that at least one person will die. In going to get a gun, it is most likely that not a single person will die.
  1. If we knew that every young man who wanted to buy a gun was going to use it to purposefully kill another human being, then we would NEVER make him wait 48 hours. He would not need parental permission. He would not need a note from his doctor. He would not need to watch a video on gun violence. And he would definitely not need an ultrasound. Why? Because we would already know he’s going to kill someone so he would be stopped from walking out of that gun store. He certainly wouldn’t be given information on guns and then sent free to go do the killing. But that’s exactly what happens with abortion. Women are given information and time to think about their decision to abort. Yet even after a woman goes through all of those steps she is STILL allowed to go through with ending the life of her child. No one stops her. Could you imagine if that’s how it went with guns? What if the authorities said, “We know that you are about to go slaughter people, or one person, with this weapon but we’ve made you wait 48 hours and we’ve shown you a video of what a gun can do, so now you have full knowledge of the violence and loss of life you are about to partake in. Have a nice day”?  Obviously there should be restrictions and requirements for purchasing a gun. But if the authorities knew what a gun buyer was going to do – he wouldn’t be given information – he’d be stopped. The life of his intended target would be saved. Unfortunately, preborn humans don’t get that help. Their mothers still get to target and kill them in the end.
  1. If that one woman is an abortionist, then yes, she actually is killing a room full of people in one day. And all of the women having abortions today combine to make a total of more than 2,600 abortions every single day in the United States – that’s a lot more than your average “room full.” That’s 52 times the amount of people viciously murdered in Orlando on Sunday. 52 TIMES. And it’s violent, bloody, horrible, unfair, and heartbreaking.

What it comes down to is that you can’t protest guns and support abortion at the same time. You can’t be anti-violence and pro-choice unless you have no clue what abortion entails (or you’re the abortionist making the big bucks off of those deaths).

There is nothing about abortion that is non-violent.

A typical first trimester abortion is done on babies as old as 13 weeks, just like these pictured here:

7 weeks. Real human here.

7 weeks. Real human here.

was 8 weeks, 5 days old when her mother had a miscarriage and took this photo of her.

Annabelle at 8 weeks, 5 days – a common age for Planned Parenthood’s abortions.

One of the abortion methods used on these children is a like form of torture you might have heard of in a distant time or place. Called an aspiration or D&C abortion, a suction machine with a force 10-20x as strong as your household vacuum, suctions the baby out, ripping him or her apart limb by limb.

You can learn more about this procedure directly from a former abortionist in this video:

I can hear the common pro-choice argument: “But the fetus isn’t aware he is being killed, so it doesn’t matter.” Would it matter if it were someone already born who was killed in their sleep by someone with a gun? They weren’t aware they were being killed, but does that make it acceptable?

As for second trimester abortions, they are performed on fetuses ages 13-24 weeks like these:

Human at about 16 weeks gestation.

Human at about 16 weeks gestation.

Famous Nilsson photo of a preborn baby at 20 weeks

Famous Nilsson photo of a preborn baby at 20 weeks

Preemie, premature, baby born at 24 weeks

The procedure most commonly used in this trimester is Dilation and Evacuation, or D&E. In this abortion method, a sopher clamp with sharp teeth is used to clamp down on the baby’s arms and legs and pull them off of the baby and out of the uterus. The head is crushed with the clamp, which the abortionist knows has happened when the child’s brain leaks out.

Learn more about the brutality of this method:

As for third trimester abortions, they are performed on humans at and after 25 weeks gestation – beyond the age of viability.

Permission for this article by Patrick Neville

A preborn human at 28 weeks.

These abortions are always unnecessary, but in many cases, an abortion at this age is done to kill a child in an act of discrimination because of a diagnosed disability or health condition, or because the mother’s health is in danger.

However, at this age, the babies are nearly full grown and must be killed by lethal injection. The procedure takes three to four days and therefore is an attack against both the mother and child because it would actually be safer for the mother if the doctor did a c-section rather than a  three to four day abortion procedure where the mother has to deliver a dead baby. A drug called digoxin is injected into the baby targeting the head, torso or heart. The baby will feel this and this drug will kill the baby. The mother delivers a stillborn baby two to three days later.

Learn more about this dangerous abortion method:

If any of these acts were performed on a born person, the person who performed them would likely be jailed for murder. But because we have deemed preborn humans unworthy of life, any and all of these horrendous acts of abortion are deemed acceptable by anyone claiming to be pro-choice.

You can’t be anti-violence and pro-abortion when you understand what happens to these innocent human beings. They are members of the same human race as the rest of us – and to say their lives don’t matter because of their age, cognitive awareness, disability, or inability to survive is discrimination. To say they are deserving of a violent death is cruel and inhumane.

If you are truly non-violent you would be pro-life and you would be donating your money not to Planned Parenthood, but to non-profits who actually help women by providing them with educational opportunities, employment opportunities, baby gear, medical care, housing, and more. Programs that are non-violent. Programs in which the only ones who benefit are mother and child – not a CEO making $600,000 off the blood of the innocent.

Pro-life tee shirt from Abort73

Abort 73’s pro-life t-shirt: ” Would it bother us more if they used guns” in reference to killing of children.

To those who support abortion but abhor gun violence, I ask: What if they did abortions with a gun — induce labor, the fetus is born, and the abortionist shoots it? Or what if the babies who survive abortion attempts were shot instead of being left to die or being stabbed? If these acts of killing were done with guns, would you finally be against abortion?

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