Planned Parenthood refuses to testify on the sale of baby parts

Planned Parenthood was scheduled to testify today before the Texas Senate Health and Human Services Committee, which is underway today in Austin. But the abortion giant didn’t show up, just like it refused to allow Dr. Deborah Nucatola to testify before the United States House Committee. Planned Parenthood seems to believe that even when government officials ask them to do something – as recipients of government funding – it doesn’t have to if it does not wish.

The Senate committee was not amused. said the committee “scolded”  Planned Parenthood for ditching the meeting, and it reported, “Republican Chairman Charles Schwertner said the organization needs to answer for how it operates in Texas.”

President of Texans for Life Coalition, Kyleen Wright, who is testifying before the committee hearings today, was also doing a live Tweet. Among her tweets, she commented on how Planned Parenthood tried to send a letter in lieu of its attendance. That didn’t fly with the Senate Committee:

Screen Shot 2015-07-29 at 11.25.02 AM

It remains to be seen whether Planned Parenthood will continue to get away with avoiding testifying at government hearings. But thus far, the abortion giant has seemed to believe its testimony during investigation into its medical practices is entirely optional.

Testimony is continuing today, and Live Action News will provide a detailed update, with highlights of testimony, after the hearings.

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