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Gosnell verdict reached – guilty of first-degree murder

Take a long, hard look.

Warning: Graphic photos from the trial included below.

Today, the jury in the Kermit Gosnell trial has reached a verdict in each of the 263 counts, after two weeks of deliberation. Five of the most serious charges against Gosnell stemmed from the deaths of four babies, born alive after attempted abortions, and from the death of Karnamaya Mongar, a woman who died from a drug overdose given to her during an abortion in Gosnell’s clinic.

mongars-captionedHere’s how many of the charges broke down:

  • The jury has concluded that Gosnell is guilty of first-degree murder against three of the babies, and he is now eligible for the death penalty. These babies have become known as A, C, and D.
  • Gosnell was acquitted in the murder of Baby E.
  • The jury additionally found the abortionist guilty of involuntary manslaughter against Ms. Mongar.
  • CNN reports that “Gosnell was also found guilty of 21 counts of abortion of the unborn, 24 weeks or older.”
  • Operation Rescue reports a guilty verdict in all but 16 of 227 misdemeanor counts of violating the 24-hour informed consent law.

Even Gosnell’s defense attorney – notorious during the trial for his outbursts and theatrics – stated that the jury had done their job. Few people in America have been exposed to such an extent of horrific information as the Gosnell jury.

‘They obviously took their job seriously,’ McMahon said of the jury. ‘The verdict should be respected based on their effort.’

Adam, Baby A Baby A (named Adam) was the little boy made famous by cell phone photos taken of him by clinic workers after his death. He was a large baby – nearly 30 weeks’ gestation. This is the baby Gosnell was speaking of when he cruelly joked that “this baby is big enough to walk around with me or walk me to the bus stop.” Baby A was seen moving his tiny arms and legs after surviving the abortion, but his spinal cord was snipped and he was thrown into a shoe box that he wasn’t able to fit into because of his almost-newborn size.

Baby C (named Alex) was actually killed by Gosnell’s assistant, Lynda Williams, while Gosnell was in the room. Baby C was alive and obviously breathing for 20 minutes before his life was taken.

Baby D (named Chris) was killed by Adrienne Moton, another of Gosnell’s assistants. Gosnell trained his assistants to kill born-alive babies in the same manner he killed them – by snipping their spinal cords in a basic beheading. Baby D was the baby who was seem swimming in the toilet after being delivered there by his mother. His mother also witnessed his murder.

gosnell, victim, snipBaby E (named Andy), in whose death Gosnell was acquitted, is the baby who was heard making a cry or a whine after being born. His neck, too, was snipped with scissors.

As Troy Newman, president of Operation Rescue states:

For the first time, America has gotten a long hard look at the horrors that go on inside abortion clinics. We see documentation of similar shoddy practices in other abortion clinics across our country. Gosnell is not alone by any means. Now it is time for America to do some real soul searching and decide whether the abortion cartel’s unaccountable and out-of-control abuses of vulnerable women are really how we want to treat each other. There are better ways to help women than to subject them to the kind of horrors found at abortion clinics in our nation. It’s time to end the inhumane and barbaric practice of abortion for good.

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