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55 percent of Americans want all or most abortions made illegal

Pro-abortion extremists fight any restrictions on abortion tooth and nail, and they claim to be doing so on behalf of Americans, and women, especially. But time and time again, data does not back up their claims.

A new Gallup poll finds that a majority of Americans identify as “pro-choice,” the first time in almost a decade that pro-lifers have not held the majority. But before the abortion lobby starts celebrating, they should look a little deeper.

While most Americans do describe themselves as “pro-choice,” the majority also want all or most abortions made illegal.

Life News reports:

But do those labels on abortion actually mean Americans are pro-abortion? It turns out the answer is no, as Gallup confirms a majority of Americans oppose all or almost all abortions.

When asked when abortion should be legal, 55 percent of Americans oppose all abortions or say abortion should only be legal in a “few circumstances,” typically defined as cases such as rape, incest or if the life of the mother is in danger. Since those cases constitute, at most, 1-2 percent of all abortion cases, Gallup’s numbers confirm 55 percent of Americans oppose 98 percent or more of the 1.1 million abortions that take place annually in the United States.

… Today’s poll is consistent with other Gallup surveys, such as its 2013 poll showing 58% of Americans opposed all or most abortions.

Other polling data confirms that, even when a majority of Americans call themselves “pro-choice” on abortion, they strongly support limits on abortions.


A slight majority of Americans may consider themselves to be “pro-choice,” but the simple fact is that polls have consistently shown that they do not support unlimited abortion-on-demand paid for by taxpayers, which is what the pro-abortion extremists of today are demanding.

Even restrictions, such as banning late-term abortions — something that most countries around the world do— they fight against. And this poll once again makes it clear that it’s not Americans they’re fighting for. They’re fighting for abortion, against the wishes of Americans. Voters should keep that in mind when they hear the abortion lobby railing against so-called pro-life extremists in the future.

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