Brave new world

The bioethics blog Secondhand Smoke discusses the implications of sex-selective abortions here, and the dangers of making life or death decisions based on a cop-out idea of “family balancing.” Sex-selective abortions are no longer taking place solely in Communist China… and the problem may start hitting hard right in the cities and suburbs of the U.S.

The NYT certainly has been writing about our emerging brave new world of industrial proreative manufacture and quality control lately. Today’s installment discusses how a new blood test of the mom can detect gender at 7 weeks–without ultrasound that can bond a mother to her gestating child. So much easier that way to discard the unwanted wrong sex nuisance! Moreover, the wrong sex tissue bundle can be flushed away using RU 486 with no one the wiser! How wonderful that the whole eugenic process can be made less emotionally difficult for people for whom not just any baby will do.

It’s eugenics. …this is an area where medical conscience should be protected. No medical professional should be forced to be complicit in the eugenic destruction of human life.

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