Born alive infant protection introduced in New Mexico House of Representatives

Born alive infant protection introduced in New Mexico House of Representatives

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On Thursday, legislation that would ensure infants who survive abortion attempts receive proper medical care will have its first committee hearing in the New Mexico House of Representatives.

The bill came after a New Mexico Alliance for Life investigation into the University of New Mexico Health Sciences Center uncovered disturbing policies regarding infants who survive late-term abortions. Documents revealed that UNM protocol addressed the fact that infants sometimes survive abortions, but failed to address how to care for them – or whether to care for them at all.

“The question is not a matter of if this is happening, but when it does, what provisions are being provided to these babies born alive in abortion clinics across New Mexico?” said Elisa Martinez, executive director of New Mexico Alliance for Life.

The “Medical Care for All Infants” bill is expected to gain significant support in both parties. Rep. Rod Montoya, the bill’s sponsor, sees it as a step towards holding abortion providers accountable. “This legislation supplements the federal Infant Born Alive Protection Act and ensures these babies receive the same proper care as any newborn,” said Montoya. “Due to the lack of any current regulation of the abortion industry in New Mexico there is no indication whether or not the existing law is being enforced since there is no accountability.  How can we expect any industry, like the abortion industry, to self-report against their own perceived self-interest?”

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