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‘Bike for the Unborn’ looks to be a voice for life with California pilgrimage

Putting their athletic skills to good use!

BikeForUnbornNext month, a group of intrepid, dedicated pro-lifers will support the pro-life movement by setting out on a week-long “Bike for the Unborn” pilgrimage around Southern California, retracing the steps of Catholic Franciscan role model Junipero Serra, who dedicated his life to spreading the Gospel message as a missionary in 18th-century America.

Bike for the Unborn is a prime example of the fact that the pro-life movement truly has a niche for every personality and individual talent. While some write books or sidewalk-counsel to further the cause, others put their athletic abilities to use to raise money and awareness.

The bike pilgrimage will begin with a retreat at a beautiful Carmelite Sisters of the Most Sacred Heart of Los Angeles on Sunday, June 16. The rubber will hit the road the following day, Monday, June 17. Here’s the itinerary (subject to minor changes):

17: San Gabriel to Malibu Creek
18: Malibu Creek to Point Mugu
19: Point Mugu to Santa Barbara
20: Santa Barbara to Emma Wood State Beach
21: Emma Wood to Malibu Creek
22: Malibu Creek to San Gabriel

Visit the Bike for the Unborn Facebook page to learn more about the pilgrimage.

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