Berkeley student government unanimously deems on-campus abortions “necessary”

The University of California at Berkeley’s student government has unanimously approved a resolution calling on the administration to establish an abortion facility on campus.

“Abortion is a common health-care service and access to abortion is necessary and relevant in student life,” Resolution 69 declares, calling it a “burden” for students to have to go off-campus to obtain abortions.

As covered by Live Action News last week, the proposal’s advocates claim that because they deem abortion a “right,” students should not have to pay the costs of establishing a provider, and that Berkeley administrators should instead accept pay cuts to finance it.


While no members of student government opposed the resolution, some Berkeley students do. “Making it accessible to people kind of screams, ‘Hey, you can go do whatever you want, and just come here and we’ll have it covered,’” Bailey Mason said. Despite being a pro-abortion school, UC Berkeley does have a Students for Life organization on campus.

Despite passing, Resolution 69 is not binding on school officials, who have said that while they support the “right” to abortion, they believe off-campus providers in the area render an on-campus facility unnecessary.

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