Beautiful new PersonhoodUSA video

PersonhoodUSA has an awesome new video out about a question everyone among the 45-51% of Americans who call ourselves pro-life should be asking ourselves: “What does it mean to be pro-life?”

In an old Live Action youth presentation, I remember a slide that said, “It’s not enough to just BE pro-life. We need to ACT pro-life.” One of you recently said in the comments box, “Now is not the time to brag, now is the time to pray.” I agree. I am convinced that we live in a very exciting time right now in the pro-life movement, that we are experiencing a unique opportunity to finish the work and claim victory for unborn children. I try to communicate that in many of my blog posts, but I am not communicating it just to get everyone excited–it should make us excited, but it should make us so excited that we want to go out and do all that we can, acting according to our talents and skills, to build the culture of life and make abortion end within our lifetimes.

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