Quote of the day: This baby wasn’t supposed to be here!

from Abby Johnson

baby, abortion pill reversal, doctor, pro-life, abortion, RU-486“See that precious baby? He isn’t supposed to be here. His mother took the RU-486 pill in order to end his life. But she immediately knew she had made a mistake and contacted Obria…a group of prolife medical centers. They got her in touch with a doctor who participates in the Abortion Pill Reversal program (the doc in the pic) and he was able to save her son through a series of progesterone injections.

Over 150 babies have been saved because of the abortion pill reversal protocol. Miraculous!

~ Abby Johnson, sharing the good news on her Facebook page, May 23, 2016

Editor’s Note: You can contact Abortion Pill Reversal here. Abby Johnson is a former director at Planned Parenthood, and she now leads And Then There Were None, a ministry for abortion clinic workers and doctors who want to leave the industry. 

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