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They said her baby was a ‘bunch of cells.’ When she learned the truth, she was devastated.

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A woman who took the abortion pill told her story on the website AbortionChangesYou.com. She was in an abusive relationship when she got pregnant. Her boyfriend demanded that she abort their baby and wore her down with constant insults and abuse. He threatened to take her to court for custody if she had the baby, and said he would “make [her] life miserable.”

She wrote:

I really loved my baby but I was in a state of nervousness and depression that I cannot explain. I could not eat, I could not sleep, I had anxiety attacks because of the abuse I was into.

When she went to the abortion facility for the first time, they lied to her about her baby’s development:

I went to an abortion clinic, and the advisor talked to me about “my body, my choice” she told me that I have a bunch of cells inside my body and that it “wasn’t a baby” and that I just have 8 weeks to terminate. I did not felt [sic] comfortable and I got out of there.

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In every state, abortion is legal beyond eight weeks, and often far beyond. The abortion worker seemed to be trying to pressure the woman into having an abortion by telling her her time was running out. She went to a psychologist, hoping for help:

I really need[ed] someone to tell me that I was not wrong to keep the baby and I really need[ed] someone to support me in my decision to keep going with the pregnancy.

She told the psychologist she wanted to keep her baby. However, the psychologist ignored her wishes and strongly advised her to abort. Under pressure from both her boyfriend and the psychologist, she gave in.

She went back to the abortion facility and took both mifepristone and misoprostol to abort her baby. She bled heavily, suffered from nausea and dizziness, and went to the emergency room three days later.


She had a scan at the ER and saw her baby:

They did a scan an after all the doctor told me that I have the baby inside me…DEAD….the pills did not work to completely abort. I saw my baby on the monitor and I wanted to DIE.

The doctor gave her more misoprostol to complete the abortion. She says of the abortion pill regimen, “It is HORRIBLE, you just bleed and bleed all by yourself in terrible pain, just knowing you are killing your baby.”

She regrets her abortion:

I regret to abort my baby, I regret it so much. I hate my psychologist, my ex-partner and myself for what I did. I cry and cry every single day and I did not forgive myself… I was in a terrible state of mind and I did not think clear, I lead others on my decision [sic] and I regret it. I am having suicidal thoughts that I am fighting with and I really really do not know if I can keep with this guilt.

Had she visited a pregnancy resource center she would have been allowed to see her baby on the ultrasound, would have received factual information about fetal development, and would have received emotional support.

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