Associated Press calls pro-lifers “foes”, pro-choicers “supporters”

Media bias can take many shapes and forms. Often it is not that factually incorrect information is given but that selective information is given or that certain stories are covered while others are not. One subtle way that the Associated Press works bias against the right-to-life movement is in how they label people.

For example, the Associated Press called pro-life Cincinnati physician Jack Willke an “abortion foe” while calling abortion backers “abortion rights supporters“. Why didn’t they call Dr. Willke a “right-to-life supporter” or “pro-life supporter”? Why didn’t they call the abortion backers in the other story “right-to-life foes” or “foes of unborn children rights”?

While it isn’t factually incorrect that pro-lifers are foes of abortion, that is true but the use of certain words influences the public and the AP and everyone in the media publishing world knows it. When someone reads the article, they naturally can identify easier with being a “supporter” than a “foe” no matter what is being supported or opposed.

Words matter and it is time the Associated Press be held accountable for their overarching bias against the “foes” in the pro-life movement.

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