Arizona singer Lundyn Rae celebrates adoption through new single “A Better Plan”

Showcasing the goodness of adoption through the medium of music.

With celebrations for National Adoption Month’s “Foster to adopt” and “Forever Family” programs underway, one up-and-coming country music artist is changing negative perceptions on adoption through the medium she knows best: music. To Lundyn Rae of Gilbert, Arizona adoption represents a heroic act of love and sacrifice. To Rae, the hope of adoption is summed up in her song “A Better Plan.”

“My song is about how much love there truly is in the act of placing a child for adoption. I’m not about condemning or judging those that have had an abortion, or those that have chosen to parent. It’s about creating the awareness of the positives of adoption for those currently still making the decision.  It’s about helping them to make an educated decision for what is right for their life and their baby.”

Rae hopes that her song will be a moving force in educating young women about adoption – a viable alternative to abortion and raising the children on their own. “My hope is that in raising awareness I save two lives: the life of the unborn child and the young girl.”

While watching her three-year-old daughter play in the mall’s play area, Rae noticed a large number of teen mothers tending to their babies. Seeing so many young women profoundly affected her. As a mother herself, Rae understands the difficulties of raising a child. From poopy diapers, sleepless nights, and picky eaters to the constant need for attention, a child can be more than a handful. Rae’s heart aches for those that do it alone.

“When young women of any age find themselves alone and pregnant there shouldn’t be just two choices in their minds, keep the baby or abort. If they are educated about it they can consider adoption so they can make the best decision,” said Rae.

A few months later, Rae received an e-mail from an old roommate and her husband seeking the help of family and friends in their struggle to find a child to adopt. While there are almost 750,000 teen pregnancies reported each year, approximately 2% of pregnant unmarried women in the United States give their children for adoption. “My heart broke for them because I knew what amazing people they were, how much love they have, and what an incredible home they could offer a child.”

The struggles of pregnant teens have been well-publicized in recent years. From government studies and programs like MTV’s 16 and Pregnant to word of mouth from friends and acquaintances, most people know that being pregnant and raising a child while attending high school is an undertaking with deep-running consequences for both mother and child. Often a teen mother may drop out of school, putting on hold many of her dreams to raise a baby.

The trials of young, single, unprepared mothers and the difficulty of those trying to adopt make for the very core of inspiration for Rae to write her song. “Placing their child for adoption allows them to provide a better life for their baby than perhaps they themselves currently can. It’s an act of love and courage. Each case is different. Each person has to make the choice that is right for her and be open and courageous enough to follow her heart. There is a healing that allows them to grow and move forward in their own life. Allowing them to become the person they were intended to develop into, while still having the assurance that their child is loved and well taken care of – this is what I hoped to capture in my song,” said Rae.

“A Better Plan” appears on Lundyn Rae’s new album “A Better Plan” and is featured at For a limited time, use the promo code ADOPTION1 and receive a free download.

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