Arizona Senate clears two bills impacting abortion industry

Arizona Senate clears two bills impacting abortion industry


On Wednesday, the Arizona State Senate voted to pass a pair of bills which stand to reduce the abortion industry’s bottom line in the state.

Senate Bills 1474 and 1485 both passed 18-11, a near party-line vote with one Democrat crossing the aisle to vote yes. The former would prohibit abortion providers from selling or transferring fetal remains for research, and the latter would empower the state government to bar abortion providers from the paycheck donation program for state employees.

The State House is also considering a bill, HB 2599, which would let the state deny Medicaid funding and revoke licenses for abortion providers that failed to adequately segregate tax dollars from abortions, violate medical waste rules, or submit a claim for abortion-related costs.

“It was reprehensible what they do,” Republican Senator Steve Smith said of Planned Parenthood’s sale of fetal organs caught on tape by the Center for Medical Progress, which he argues necessitated SB 1474. “It’s pretty clear that Planned Parenthood cares about one thing, and that’s basically making a profit at the expense of women and babies.”

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In addition, Republican Senator John Kavanagh argued SB 1485 was a simple matter of conscience rights: “I don’t want one penny of my tax dollars which support the government payroll system to be implicated in the killing of unborn human beings.”

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