Arizona bill containing multiple pro-life provisions heads to governor’s desk


Less than a month after the Arizona state Senate passed a pro-life bill which contains several protections for preborn children, the Arizona House passed the bill as well. Now, Senate Bill 1457 heads to Republican Governor Doug Ducey’s desk to be signed into law.

In addition to banning the targeting and extermination of babies with prenatal diagnoses such as Down syndrome, SB 1457 seeks to halt the deadly expansion of the abortion pill by mail, a campaign Big Abortion is pushing at the cost of women and children. If signed into law, this legislation will also require dignified treatment of the bodies of aborted babies.

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State Senator Nancy Barto, a Republican official who previously served in the State House prior to the 2021 election, sponsored the bill. She said in an interview with EWTN, “More and more children throughout the world and the United States are being singled out for abortion, and they are the most vulnerable among us.” It is estimated that over two thirds of babies diagnosed in the womb with Down syndrome in America are aborted, and 90% worldwide are killed for the same diagnosis. 

According to a recent Marist poll, the majority of Americans do not support discriminatory abortions, with 70% opposing killing children based on a prenatal diagnosis such as Down syndrome. This includes 56% who identify as pro-choice, 59% who are Democrats, and 70% who are Independents. The majority’s disapproval of discriminatory abortion sheds light on the horror of abortion at large — if targeting certain demographics like disabled babies, female babies, or Black babies is wrong, then how can the practice of directly and intentionally killing any preborn child be acceptable? The answer: it isn’t. 

Some other states have passed or are seeking to pass similar legislation to protect their most vulnerable citizens. It’s time for the rest of the States to join them, but not to stop there. It is time to end abortion completely.

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