Arizona House advances three abortion regulation bills


On Wednesday, three pieces of pro-life legislation cleared preliminary votes in the Arizona House, though they still require final roll-call votes before moving on to the governor’s desk.

One imposes a blanket prohibition on the use or sale of fetal tissue in medical research, another prohibits state employees from choosing to have their payroll deductions donated to abortion providers, and the third requires abortionists to only dispense the RU-486 abortion drug in accordance with FDA protocol.

“Abortion providers shouldn’t be experimenting with women’s lives,” Republican state Representative Anthony Kern said, arguing the RU-486 regulation “protects Arizona women […] from the cost- and corner-cutting abortion industry.”

As Live Action News has covered in the past, FDA protocol states that RU-486, the abortion pill regimen, must be administered in-clinic and at a higher dosage than abortionists often choose to use. Abortion defenders argue that laws like this one infringe on abortionists’ medical discretion, but abortion-inducing drugs have been linked to several deaths by sepsis and many personal accounts of negative experiences, particularly in a 2011 study finding that chemical abortions carry substantially higher rates of medical complications than surgical abortions.

Below, former abortionist Dr. Anthony Levatino explains what happens when a pregnant woman takes abortion pills:

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