BREAKING: Appeals court reverses decision protecting 15-week-old preborn baby from dismemberment

BREAKING: 17-year-old illegal immigrant receives abortion after court’s ruling

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UPDATE: 10/25/17 12:20 pm: The legal battle over whether or not a 17-year-old detained illegal immigrant should be allowed to abort her 15-week-old preborn child has ended. The girl, known only as Jane Doe, was taken to have the abortion.

The final ruling and the abortion have led to concerns that the United States could become a destination for “abortion tourism” with other illegal immigrants in custody demanding abortion.

Abortion supporters continue to use the case of a 17-year girl, identified only as Jane Doe or J.D., to demand that the federal government directly facilitate the elective abortion of illegal immigrants. The teen from an undisclosed country in Central America entered the United States through Mexico and is currently living in a shelter in Texas.

As required by Texas law, the girl, who entered the country without her parents and is around 15 weeks pregnant, received permission from a state judge to undergo the abortion without parental consent. The federal government refused to transport her to the abortion facility saying in order to undergo an abortion she would need to return to her home country or find a sponsor in the United States who could take her. However, the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) took on the girl’s case, and last week a U.S. district judge ruled in their favor. The D&E abortion procedure used at 15 weeks gestation is explained by former abortionist Dr. Anthony Levatino in the video below:


After an appeals court intervened to block the judge’s order that the federal government take the girl to the nearest abortion facility as soon as possible, the ACLU requested the review by the full U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit. On October 24, 2017, the full circuit reversed the decision to postpone, and ordered that the teen be transported to an abortion facility “promptly and without delay.”

The 6-3 ruling, which took place without oral argument, threatens to set a precedent for taxpayer-funded abortions of pregnant minors in the custody of the federal government. If the latest ruling is not appealed, Jane Doe’s preborn child will be killed by dismemberment. The United States will also become a destination for “abortion tourism,” enticing other pregnant minors to cross the border seeking elective abortions with the help of the federal government. As Judge Brett M. Kavanaugh said in dissenting from the October 24 decision, the court “badly erred” and created a new right for undocumented immigrant minors in custody to “immediate abortion on demand.”

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