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Analysis: Planned Parenthood manual on HIV gives questionable health advice to youth

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The language in Healthy, Happy and Hot often sounds forced and concocted, and more than once, the way Planned Parenthood says an act is acceptable is not to refer to the act’s ethical nature, but rather to say many young people are committing that act.  Planned Parenthood states:

Many young people who are living with HIV or have a partner who is living with HIV find that they get the most sexual pleasure when they know that they are having sex as safely as possible.

A person has sex with you, then tells you that they are HIV positive and defends themselves with:  “But the manner in which we had sex only has a low risk of spreading HIV!  We were having sex as safely as possible!”  Note that, to Planned Parenthood, what makes the safety desirable is not that it preserves life, but that people “get the most sexual pleasure” out of trying to be safe.  In the brochure, people are always “living with HIV;” nobody ever simply has HIV.

Planned Parenthood does not always come out directly with its message.  Here, the reader of Healthy, Happy and Hot, a young person with the AIDS virus, might be worrying about the duplicity the brochure invites them to practice.  The brochure states:

As a person living with HIV you may feel like you have all the responsibility for talking about safer sex and keeping your sexual partner(s) from getting HIV. But remember it is your sexual partner(s)’s responsibility too. Just because you have HIV does not mean all the responsibility is on you.

So, “Don’t blame me that I didn’t tell you about my virus – you didn’t ask!”

Some of the statements in Healthy, Happy and Hot are so bizarre they’re unintentionally funny:  “Sex is often a social activity.”  “Do you know about the clitoris and prostate?” “Test how your partner(s) may react to your HIV status by asking them questions like, ‘What do you think about HIV?’” “Your family planning strategy is more likely to be successful when you work together with your partner.”

Not surprisingly, Planned Parenthood turns the subject to their bread and butter, abortion, initially without mentioning the word abortion.  The Healthy, Happy and Hot brochure says:

Knowing your rights and family planning options can help you make decisions about positive parenthood and manage other people.

Planned Parenthood excels at “managing” its followers with dishonest language, and many unplanned pregnancies are “positive.”

Considering the gravity of the subject, Healthy, Happy and Hot has a negligent attitude about the possibility of its intended audience spreading HIV.  The brochure states:

Some people have sex after they have been drinking alcohol or using drugs.  This is your choice.

This is alarming given that many of the youth reading Healthy, Happy and Hot are not of drinking age, and they should not be using drugs regardless, especially when they might be HIV+.

The following is a quotation from the Planned Parenthood brochure.  What’s wrong with this picture:

If you want to have sex and think you might get drunk or high, plan ahead by bringing condoms and lube or putting them close to where you usually have sex.  That way you won’t forget them in the heat of the moment.

A young person who is HIV positive is about to have sex with someone, and Planned Parenthood advises them to use a condom?  One would expect the brochure to urge intoxicated people who might pass on HIV to only have manual sex, as it is less likely to infect their partner.

Planned Parenthood in Healthy, Happy and Hot:

Your partner must be able to freely consent to sexual activity.  It is not okay to have sex with someone who is so drunk or high that they are staggering, incoherent or have passed out.

“Not okay” to rape someone?

Planned Parenthood receives about a million dollars a day in government subsidies.

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