Alabama lawmakers advance abortion facility restriction and dismemberment ban

Alabama committee passes bill banning dismemberment abortions

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Two new pro-life laws are one step closer to reality in Alabama, as they have made it out of the House and Senate Health Committees, respectively.

One bill that cleared the Senate Health Committee would ban the dilation and evacuation procedure, also known as dismemberment abortion.

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The gruesome procedure, which tears apart a preborn child limb from torso, is the most prevalent procedure in the second trimester. Former abortionist Dr. Anthony Levatino describes dismemberment abortions in greater detail as part of Live Action News’s Abortion Procedures project in the following video:


Bans on dismemberment abortions and abortions after 20 weeks are currently being considered at both state and federal levels. Nationwide polling also shows that most Americans support some restrictions on abortion, especially in the late-term.

Cheryl Ciamarra of Alabama Citizens for Life applauded the 11-0 vote in favor of the bill.

“The surprise vote was Sen. Linda Coleman (D) who generally opposes the majority of pro-life legislation,” she said, but “today she demonstrated that there are common sense limits to maintain a civilized society. It is highly unusual for any prolife legislation to receive [a] unanimous vote.”

Another bill would forbid abortion facilities within 2,000 feet of a public school, which supporters say will keep children clear of the protests. It has already passed the Senate, where bill sponsor Paul Sanford said he would have been open to an amendment to grandfather in a Huntsville abortion facility that will be forced to close if it passes. But the House committee has tabled that amendment.



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