AL personhood bill set to return in 2012 session

Some exciting news from the Gadsden Times about pro-life legislation in Alabama in “GOP planning to bring back pro-life bills in 2012 session.” 2012 should see the return of a bill declaring unborn children persons under state law, which passed in the Senate 23-7 this session but ran out of time to be voted on in the House:

The Senate bills that have been prefiled or will be prefiled address various aspects of abortion, but one trumps them all and would make them obsolete.

Sen. Phil Williams, R-Rainbow City, passed a bill in the Senate 23-7 that said a person exists under Alabama law at the moment of fertilization and implanting in the womb.

“That bill is a one-sentence bill,” he said.

The bill would make an abortion subject to the criminal penalties involving a “person” under Alabama law, including murder.

“It would if the bill passes,” Williams said.

“That bill goes to the root of the entire issue when it comes to pro-life by establishing that life begins at the moment of fertilization,” Williams said.

Paging Justice Roberts…

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