Quote of the day: "Aggressively pro-choice" doctor changed by ultrasounds

Quote of the day: “Aggressively pro-choice” doctor changed by ultrasounds


In recent months, Alicia Thompson, a pro-life OB-GYN in Chillicothe, reached out to Cutler, offering to assist Elizabeth’s Hope with ultrasounds.

"At 8 weeks, this baby can kick and straighten his legs, and move his arms up and down." (Photo credit: Life Dynamics.

“At 8 weeks, this baby can kick and straighten his legs, and move his arms up and down.” (Photo credit: Life Dynamics.

Thompson, who once identified as “aggressively pro-choice,” became pro-life while performing ultrasounds during her residency, an experience that was personally transformative for her.

“I saw this little person moving by its own volition,” Thompson said. “My dignity became apparent to me through this life in the womb.”

~ Katie Franklin, “2 Surprises on the Road to Hometown Hope,” Pregnancy Help News, June 1, 2016

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