ADF responds to Colorado officials’ foot-dragging on Planned Parenthood investigation

Representing 33 Colorado lawmakers, Alliance Defending Freedom has sent a letter to the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment refuting the agency’s claim it could not begin investigating Rocky Mountain Planned Parenthood because it lacked the full raw footage of the Center for Medical Progress’s undercover investigation into Planned Parenthood’s Denver location.

In the letter, ADF Senior Counsel Michael Norton explains that the video’s raw footage was already publicly available, as is full footage for all of CMP’s videos.

In this particular video, Planned Parenthood Rocky Mountains Vice President Savita Ginde is seen negotiating a price for fetal organs, discussing the delivery of “intact” fetuses prior to scheduled abortions, and mentions training abortionists to alter procedures to obtain fetal organs in usable condition.

“The response that the Department of Public Health and Environment offered to these legislators was absurd, but we are happy to assist them and to provide the departments with what they think they need, even though the footage they want has been publicly available on the Internet for quite some time,” Norton writes.

“Colorado officials should not further delay an investigation of this scandal-plagued enterprise, especially in light of the legitimate request of these representatives of concerned Coloradans.”

The letter further requests that the agency list the legal standards for launching an investigation and an explanation for why the video’s contents would not qualify as probable cause for such an investigation.


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