ACLU sues Indiana over fetal abnormalities abortion ban

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ACLU Square LogoOn Thursday, the American Civil Liberties Union, along with Planned Parenthood of Indiana and Kentucky, filed suit against the state of Indiana, challenging the state’s recently signed ban on abortions sought due to fetal abnormalities. The suit also challenges the state’s ruling that aborted fetuses must be either buried or cremated.

The law in question, which was signed into effect just weeks ago by Gov. Mike Pence, would protect against abortions targeting babies with Down syndrome, as well as abortions based on the race or sex of the child.

ACLU of Indiana Legal Director Ken Falk labeled the law “unprecedented” and “unconstitutional.” Betty Cockrum, CEO and president of Planned Parenthood of Indiana and Kentucky, argued that the law is disrespectful to women. But Indiana Right to Life president Mike Fichter says the objections from Planned Parenthood come down to money.


“This is the same song and dance we have seen from the abortion provider anytime they feel their lucrative abortion business is threatened,” said Fichter. “They oppose any common sense law that protects women and children because they want to protect their bottom line.”

The suit is headed to District Court Judge Tanya Walton Pratt, who, according to the Associated Press, ruled against a law blocking funding to abortion providers in 2011.

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