Abortionist sues to stop Oklahoma abortion law

Oklahoma abortionist Larry Burns and the pro-abortion Center for Reproductive Rights have filed a lawsuit against a state law which bans dismemberment abortions and requires fetal tissue taken from girls younger than fourteen who abort be forwarded to state rape investigators.

The lawsuit alleges that because the law “contains four separate sections, each of which addresses an entirely different subject,” it is a violation of the Oklahoma Constitution’s requirement that individual pieces of legislation be confined to a single subject.

However, Republican state Senator Greg Treat, who authored the bill, “feel[s] strongly the bill we drafted is constitutional,” because it addresses only one subject, abortion.

The lawsuit follows a judge’s decision to temporarily stay the law last month.

Laws such as this one forcing abortionists to send information on statutory rapes and possible forcible rapes have been driven by past instances of abortion organizations such as Planned Parenthood failing to report evidence of the sexual abuse of a minor to the authorities, as seen in just one of several videos, below:

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