Abortionist Brigham reopens three Maryland abortion facilities under the radar


In 2013, the state of Maryland shut down three of Steven Chase Brigham’s abortion facilities due to dangerous abortion practices, including the death of one patient. Like many other notorious abortionists, Brigham tends to practice in multiple states: Pennsylvania, Florida, Georgia, New York, New Jersey, and California. He lost his New York license in 1994, followed by Florida; he then let his licenses lapse in Georgia and California after receiving disciplinary actions. His license was suspended in New Jersey in 1993, but was ultimately reinstated.

His license is currently either revoked, relinquished, or suspended in five states. Why? Because he has a history of legal issues, which include botched abortions, the death of one patient, illegal abortions, and tax issues. Brigham has never had a license to practice medicine in Maryland, yet he has just reopened three clinics there

Operation Rescue has learned that the disgraced New Jersey abortionist Steven Chase Brigham has flown the under the regulatory radar to reopen three Maryland abortion clinics that were shut down by the state in 2013 for dangerous abortion practices, including the death of one patient.

Undercover phone calls confirmed that abortions were being scheduled for his Baltimore, Silver Springs, and Cheverly locations, which are still advertised on his American Women’s Services website.

In order to avoid having to re-license his abortion clinics, Brigham’s Maryland locations are offering only medication abortions. Facility licenses and inspections are only required if surgical abortions are conducted.

“Right now, Brigham is profiting from medication abortions at three abortion clinics that the State of Maryland said were too dangerous to operate,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman. “By restricting abortions to those done by pills or injections, Brigham can operate without oversight, without inspections, and without any accountability. This is a recipe for disaster for the women who are duped into thinking he is running legitimate medical offices. There is nothing legitimate about Brigham’s medical or business practices, as his record of abortion abuses proves.”

This is concerning because Brigham is one of the most dangerous abortionists in America. The Pro-Life Action League gives a brief rundown of Brigham’s crimes:

New Jersey-based abortionist Steven Brigham was arrested in 2011 and charged with five counts each of first- and second-degree murder after prosecutors alleged that he performed five illegal late-term abortions on viable fetuses in Elkton, Maryland. He has also been previously convicted for failing to file income taxes, and he has had medical licenses revoked in Florida, New York, and New Jersey, and he surrendered his Pennsylvania license only after state officials threatened to revoke it. Brigham still owns 16 abortion clinics in four states, but is not licensed to practice medicine in any of them.

Brigham also has a history of butchering his patients. The reason the state of New York revoked his license is because he was found guilty of “gross negligence” and “bad judgment” after he botched two late-term abortions, threatening the patients’ lives. Each required emergency surgery.

He orchestrated a late-term abortion scheme where abortions would begin in New Jersey, and the patient would then be transferred over state lines into New York, in order to circumvent abortion laws. He also has a tendency to employ subpar facility workers, including unlicensed nurses; one of the abortionists closest to Brigham, Vikram Kaji, is a registered sex offender.

He routinely hires staffers who are untrained in emergency medicine, such as how to use a defibrillator. It is for this reason that the state of Maryland had previously shut down his facilities. That patient who died under Brigham’s care, Maria Santiago, died after suffering a cardiac arrest, and none of the staffers at the facility used a defibrillator — the defibrillator did not work, and none of the staffers were trained in how to use it.

Another of the abortionists employed by Brigham seriously butchered a patient, an 18-year-old girl who could be heard screaming for hours as the abortionists perforated her uterus, shoved the baby into the patient’s abdominal cavity, and then pulled part of her bowel out of her vagina. Despite this, the patient was not transferred to the hospital for over an hour, and when she finally was, they didn’t call an ambulance. Brigham drove her and the abortionist to the hospital in a car, leaving her bleeding and in pain in the backseat. Her injuries were so bad that she had to be life-flighted to Johns Hopkins Hospital. After this incident – which took place in Maryland – police raided the abortion facility, and found frozen jars of babies who were victims of late-term abortions, some as late as 36 weeks.

On top of all of this, Brigham also owes the IRS almost a quarter of a million dollars in unpaid taxes.

Brigham has been caught falsifying clinic logs in the past, saying that another abortionist was performing the abortions when, in reality, it was Brigham himself who was the abortionist on duty.

This is part of the reason that this news is so alarming. How many more women could Brigham be butchering in Maryland now? And even if Brigham isn’t performing the abortions himself, the people he chooses to employ are clearly no better. This man is a danger to women, and Maryland needs to shut down these facilities for the safety of his patients — now.

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